The non-woven fabric printing machine
The non-woven fabric printing machine
From the professional point of view is the printing machine, printing machine and gravure printing machine can print fabric, but in reality most of screen printing process to complete the. The following 3 kinds of printing mode in addition:
First, the watermark
Because of the use of water bomb mortar is named as the printing medium, more common in the textile printing, also called printing. When printing the paste and water elastic rubber blend. Print without chemical solvents, can direct water rinse. Its characteristics are good color, covered with strong resistance and fastness, washing, virtually no odor.
Two, intaglio printing
Using this method of processing products are usually called peritoneal non-woven bag. This process includes two steps, namely the gravure printing process of traditional graphic printing to film, then the film covering technology will film with printed pattern on non-woven fabric composite. General large color printing non-woven bags are used in this process. Its characteristic is the fine print, the whole machine production, the production cycle is short. Another product with excellent waterproof performance, durability of finished products than the other process in the production of non-woven bags. There is light and sub gloss film two alternative, Matt matte effect! The disadvantage is conflict with the concept of environmental protection, because the film is difficult to degradation.
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