The national patent product corona discharge equipment is provided with a practical use in the appearance of silicone rubber, plastic and other materials, and is currently used in vacuum plating,
Vacuum coating, sputtering, PVD, physical vapor deposition, printing, printing, printing
Printing, adhesive and coating, such as action before disposal, the product such as: mobile phone shell, mobile phone keys, P+R buttons, notebook computer, car lights, car
Interiors, glasses, household appliances, cosmetics packaging containers, washing supplies packaging container, a variety of materials, sheet and film, paper, fabric,
Although leather, metal, used for spray paint printing disposal.
Corona treatment, commonly known as the electric electronic percussion machine, airsick EDM machine in the packaging industry. In the academic is known as the media to obstruct the discharge. Important for plastic
Plastic film or plastic sheet product surface treatment, when the data to stop printing ink composite, blown film, coating, adhesive, data modification,
Before the grafting polymerization, film, tape, paste processing, in order to make the appearance of the product has a stronger adhesion force (that is, with higher dyne coefficient) to avoid
Raw materials in the production process in the production process of printing color, composite paste is not strong, the uneven coating leakage, and other signs, affecting the quality of the product, must be advanced
Corona strike disposal.
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