Attention function parameters and characteristics of corona machine
Corona processor based on the object to be disposed of the shape of the object is divided into different structural method, but the electronic control is roughly similar to the same.
Film corona disposal machine is used for PP, PS, PE, PET, PA, PVC, BOPP, OPP, PT, etc.,
Plate, sheet looks wet tension disposal; metal film corona treatment machine for disposal of aluminium foil, aluminium foil and film, plate
Material, sheet material, the appearance of wet tension disposal; plate corona disposal machine is used for PS, ABS, PP, PE, etc.
The surface of the plastic parts of the surface of the plastic parts of the surface of the plastic parts of the surface of the opposite sex; the cup corona
Disposal machine for all kinds of plastic, paper and other information of the cup, hose, sheet, the appearance of wet tension disposal.
At present, the application of the corona machine is stable, advanced and reliable. The main circuit of the IGBT module and the device is the main circuit.
Device, control, trigger, show the main components of the circuit by the integrated block circuit, digital display, so that it is set up equipment
When the operation is very safe and reliable, durable, low fault rate, and has over voltage overload, over current, short circuit and stop to wait for active maintenance
And other advantages, is the current trend in the field of the corona outside the mainland. Because of the use of power device IGBT, the product structure is simple,
Circuit wiring simple, reliable, high compliance, small size, the use of simple, a key to control, structural modular, easy maintenance
Qian Anggui.
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