Design reasonable performance excellence
1, whole body structure design is scientific and reasonable, the imported materials and work efficiency high; steel body, compact structure and strong for running in the work environment, stable and reliable mechanical properties, are not affected by crushing material for a long time.
2, the separation of design, feed mill main filter base according to the reference holes and washable screen assembly.
Low noise pollution and clean no pollution
1, equipped with heavy load bearing and crushing chamber design of double sealing device, effectively isolating oil, to ensure that the processing of Liao Jiejing. To prevent the unsafe factors caused by the operation of the mechanical transmission mechanism in the interior mechanism of the mechanical transmission mechanism of the powder into the bearing seat of the powder.
2, double sound insulation device, can effectively prevent the vibration and noise, has a very high environmental protection effect.
3, power consumption, energy saving, high crushing efficiency, simple and easy to move.
Exquisite carving quality outstanding
1 and parts set benchmark of the hole and the surface of coarse and fine multiple machining process, and performs the detection procedure according to strict standards, to ensure reliable precision of each component, while ensuring that the parts interchangeability, greatly facilitate the use of the product maintenance parts in the process of change.
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